“See us before you GO!” – an invitation from Rapide Auto Service Experts.

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The long weekend would be much fun if your car is ready for it. So if you are planning to take some adventure, have your car serviced with us first.

Remember that driving for a long period of time is a tough job for your car. Long travel can make your car break hoses, and may cause your tires to lose the right pressure. Unprepared long travel may compromise your car’s performance, and worse, it may lead to a total breakdown that would certainly ruin your long weekend escapade.

Let’s make your long weekend vacation worth the while. Rapide Auto Service Experts is here to boost up your car for a tough drive. We offer services on air conditioning, suspensions, maintenance, repair, brake, tire problems, change oil and others.

Your car brings you where you’re going; we’ll help you get there! Have your car serviced at Rapide!

For more information, you may follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Rapide.Auto.Service. You may also visit our Rapide branches near you.


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